Trump Sweeps Competition In All 5 States

Donald Trump is the projected winner in Tuesday’s five Republican primary contests,  as his GOP rivals scramble to stop him from securing the party’s presidential nomination.

The businessman will win the Pennsylvania, Maryland and Connecticut primaries by “significant” margins, according to NBC. He will also walk away with Delaware and Rhode Island.

The results will make it tougher for Trump’s competitors to limit his delegates and prevent him from winning the nomination outright, though Trump still may not reach the needed 1,237 before the party’s convention in July. Pennsylvania is the night’s biggest prize, with 71 delegates in total. However, only 17 of those are awarded by statewide vote, while 54 uncommitted delegates are elected.
Trump entered the contests with a 286 delegate lead over Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, according to NBC News. Coming into Tuesday, both Ted Cruz and John Kasich were mathematically eliminated from reaching a majority of pledged delegates.

Trump is making a victory speech and press conference from Trump Tower in New York. You can watch it below:


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