Donald Trump Voted Winner of 12th GOP Debate

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump opened the CNN debate in Miami Thursday by calling on his party leadership to “accept” what is happening in the 2016 election. Trump is bringing in a huge amount of voters to the Republican party, from both Independents and Democrats, and called for the party to rally around him in his bid for President of United States.

Trump was not attacked as much as in the previous debates, which freed him up to call for unity and for the GOP establishment to accept the new path the Republican party is taking.

This might be Trump’s best debate performance yet, as evidenced by multiple polls voting overwhelmingly Trump when asked who won the debate.

In a poll by Fox5, Trump took an overwhelming 90% of the vote, dwarfing the competition in Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.Fox5-12th-Debate-Poll

Another poll by Drudge has Trump sitting comfortably at 64%, with Cruz in a distant second at 24%.


In another poll by Syracuse, Trump hold 83%, with Rubio and Kasich holding 6% and 5% respectively.


A poll by Slate also has Trump holding a big lead at 83%, with the rest trailing far behind.


This strong debate performance is sure to have a positive effect in Tuesday’s primaries, with Trump hoping to secure both Ohio and Florida, taking all the delegates there.


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