SC Primary: Trump winner with all demographics


With 48% of the vote in so far, Trump is the clear winner in the South Carolina Primary.

His lead extends across all demographics, and with Jeb Bush suspending his campaign due to a 4th place finish, and the list of candidates slowly shrinking, Trump is sure to gain even more of a lead.




The statistics show Trump winning with all demographics, evangelicals and non-evangelicals, college educated and non-college educated.


In precincts with fewer evangelicals, Trump takes 35.8%, with Rubio in second with 22.8%.

Precincts with more evangelicals show similar results, with Trump at 32.7% and Cruz at 24.4%.


Precincts with more college graduates have Trump at 32.7%, while those with fewer college graduates have him at 37.4%.

This win sets the mood for the rest of the primaries, and Trump is sure to be the Republican nominee.




Avid Trump supporter.

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