South Carolina polls show Trump holding big lead leading to Primary

Polls are showing Mr. Trump to be firmly in control of first place in South Carolina, with other candidates relegated to fighting for 2nd place.
Both Cruz and Rubio are hoping for a “strong second place finish”, showing that they have given up on trying to oust Trump.

The average of polls compiled by RealClearPolitics shows Trump in first at 31.8%, with Cruz and Rubio fighting for second at 18.4 and 17.8 points each.


The Monmouth University Polling Institute poll, conducted 17th February, shows Trump holding strong with 35% of the vote, with Cruz at 19 and Rubio at 17.


A poll conducted by the South Carolina House Republican Caucus shows Trump at 33.5%, with Cruz at 19 and Rubio at 18.


Trump also holds the lead in the ECPS poll, at 36%, compared to Rubio’s 19%¬†and Cruz’s 18%.


All in all, Trump is expecting a big finish tomorrow in the South Carolina Primary, so get out and vote to Make America Great Again!


Avid Trump supporter.

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