Trump holds 17 point lead in latest Indiana poll

Coming off of his 5 state sweep last Tuesday, Donald Trump is looking to continue with his momentum with a win in Indiana. 
He has received an endorsement from the legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight, who lead his team into amazing results, including an undefeated season.

Indiana is the last stand for Ted Cruz, who was mathematically eliminated after poor showings last Tuesday, where he only got 10% of the vote in New York, and none of the delegates.

The latest poll, by Gravis Marketing, shows Trump holding 44% of the vote, holding a 17 point lead over second place Ted Cruz, who holds only 27%. John Kasich holds 9% and 19% are still undecided.


Another poll, by NBC/WSJ/Marist, shows Trump holding 49% of the vote, with Cruz trailing in second at 34%, and Kasich at 13%.



With Trump at 1004 delegates so far, and Indiana holding another 57, a win here would practically guarantee Trump  hitting 1237, securing his nomination on the first ballot at the Cleveland Convention.

There are 571 delegates up for grabs, and Trump needs only 41% to clinch the nomination. With a win in Indiana this drops to 35% needed to win the nomination.

With the polling being extremely favorable in the other states, Mr. Trump has practically won the Republican nomination.

Next target: beating Hillary Clinton.


Avid Trump supporter.

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