Ted Cruz Sex Scandal, What We Know So Far

The National Enquirer alleged on March 23 that the senator has had five extramarital affairs. And the descriptions it provided of the women—along with barely-pixelated headshots of them—left little to D.C. insiders’ imaginations as to who the Enquirer had accused of being Cruz paramours.


“A HOOKER, A TEACHER & COWORKERS: 5 romps that will destroy Ted Cruz!” the Enquirer piece boldly claims, in an article that includes a wild “sex-in-closet” allegation.

3 of the 5 women depicted above have been identified: Trump’s national spokeswoman Katrina Pierson, who used to work with Cruz, Carly Fiorina’s former staffer Sarah Isgur Flores and former Cruz staffer Amanda Carpeter.


Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson denied the allegations, saying the rumors are not true, but that she can only vouch for herself.

Sarah Isgur Flores served as Carly Fiorina’s deputy campaign manager during her 2016 run for President. During the early stages of that campaign in July 2015, a Ted Cruz-affiliated Super PAC, Keep the Promise I, donated $500,000 to rival Carly Fiorina’s official campaign fund. The Washington Post noted that the donation was “unusual” at the time. Since the Enquirer’s accusations, however, Twitter users have alleged that the donation was “hush money” to keep silent about the affair.

Drew Johnson, a writer for the Washington Times and openly anti-Trump reporter, said that he can confirm at least 2 of the 5 allegations.

In 2015, hackers calling themselves the Impact team hacked adulterous dating site Ashley Madison’s email list, publishing the results on the open-source site Pastebin. Included in the list of email accounts associated with account holders, in addition to White House workers and several House and Capitol Police accounts, was one email account associated with Cruz’s Senate office.

Cruz denied these allegations and accused Trump of spreading them, which Trump denied in a Facebook post, saying that he hadn’t even read the article, and while the Enquirer was previously correct about O.J. Simpson, John Edwards and others, he hoped the allegations against “Lyin’ Ted Cruz” were wrong.

The Twitter hashtag #CruzSexScandal currently has 606 000 tweets, propelling this story to millions and millions of users.


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