Super Tuesday results: Trump takes FL, IL, MO, NC, Kasich takes OH

With yet another Super Tuesday behind us, Trump in once again the big winner, taking home the states of Florida, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina, and finishing in second in John Kasich’s home state of Ohio.


These wins gave Trump 129 pledged delegates, bringing him to a total of 661, a bit over half of the 1237 delegates needed not to go to a brokered convention. According to FiveThirtyEight, Donald Trump is still well on track for the nomination.

In Florida, Trump took the win with a huge 46% of the total vote, with Marco Rubio taking just 27% in his home state, and subsequently dropping out of the race. This win got Trump all 99 delegates from Florida, as Florida is a winner-takes-all state.



Trump also won Illinois, taking 39% of the vote, with Ted Cruz in second at 30%. Illinois-Results

In North Carolina, Trump won with 40% of the vote, with Ted Cruz taking in 37% for second place.


In Missouri Trump narrowly took first place at 40.8%, just 0.2 points over Ted Cruz in second, who took home 40.6% of the vote.


In Ohio, Kasich won the state with 47% of the vote, with Trump in second at 36%. Rubio pulled only 3% of the vote, as he urged his voters to vote Kasich instead.


Donald Trump also held a press conference after his victories from Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, FL.

Watch it below:


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