Polls predict major Trump victory on the third Super Tuesday

Coming up tomorrow is the third Super Tuesday, with citizens from Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio coming out to vote in the Republican Primary for the next GOP Presidential nominee.

In Florida, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today, Trump holds a massive lead over Marco Rubio, the Florida senator, with Trump holding 46% of the total vote, a 24 point lead over Rubio who holds 22%.


Trump also hold the majority with all demographics, scoring 47% of the vote with Tea Party voters, 43% with evangelicals, 42% with very conservative people, 55% with somewhat conservative, 44% with liberal voters, 36% with college educated, and 51% with non-college educated voters.

According to the same poll, Trump is tied with Kasich in Ohio, at 38% of the vote each, with Trump winning with the somewhat (43 to 41) and very conservative (33 to 27), men (40 to 33) and non-college educated (42 to 34).


According to the RCP poll average, Trump holds a major lead in North Carolina, holding 41.3% of the vote, with Ted Cruz in second at 28.5%, a 12.8 point difference. Kasich and Rubio are fighting for third at 11.3% and 10% respectively.


In Missouri, Trump is winning by 7 points, according to a Fort Hays State University poll. Trump holds 36% of the vote, with Cruz in second at 29%, and Kasich and Rubio fighting for third at 8% and 9% respectively.


In Illinois, the RealClearPolitics poll average has Trump in the lead at 35%, with Cruz in second at 26.3% and Kasich in third at 18.3%. These polls were conducted before the disruption of his Chicago rally, which has bumped Trump’s numbers up in the other states, according to recent polls.


If Trump wins these states tomorrow, he would practically lock up the nomination, so go out and vote Trump tomorrow!

Make America Great Again!


Avid Trump supporter.

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