Trump winner of 10th GOP debate

Fox5-10th-GOP-Debate-PollThe debate is over, and, in spite of an all out attack on Mr. Trump by both Cruz and Rubio, the winner is clear, Donald J. Trump.

Cruz continued lying about anything and everything, as is tradition by now, and was joined by Rubio as they teamed up in an attempt to take down Trump.

Rubio feigned ignorance on how the free market works, then accused Trump of repeating himself after he tried to explain.

Cruz attacked Trump, stating that he had been funding Democrat politicians, then begrudgingly admitted he had received money from Donald Trump as well earlier in his career.

Sadly for them, all those attacks did nothing, and Trump was voted the winner of the debate overwhelmingly in online polls.

A poll by Fox5 has Trump as the definite winner, holding 79% of the vote.

Another poll by The Wall Street Journal has The Don holding the lead at 78%.

With Super Tuesday coming up, Trump is sure to pick up even more wins following his others in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada.


Avid Trump supporter.

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