New Hampshire: With 100% of the votes counted, Donald Trump in first, Kasich in second

With all of the votes counted, Mr. Trump sits at over 100 thousand votes with 35.7%, an almost 20% lead over the second place John Kasich, who has 15.8% of the vote.
After a second place finish in Iowa, with Cruz holding 8 delegates and Trump taking 7, this overwhelming victory sets the tone for the rest of the Republican election.

With candidates Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie planning on dropping out, the number of candidates is dropping, with Trump still holding a huge lead in all states. Due to the rules of the New Hampshire Primary, as the winner, Mr. Trump also gets all the votes of the candidates that didn’t break 10%. This, coupled with his convincing lead over 2nd place Kasich, gives him a lot of momentum heading further into the election, with South Carolina being the next stop.

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