Donald Trump leads the polls in New Hampshire

Mr. Donald Trump holds a commanding lead over other candidates in a poll conducted by Monmouth University Polling Institute. 
He holds a firm grasp on first place with 30%, with others trailing behind by double digits, the next highest being John Kasich at 14%, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush tied at 13% and Ted Cruz at 12%.
Other candidates are in the single digits, with Chris Christie (6%), Carly Fiorina (5%), and Ben Carson (4%).

Results of the Monmouth University Poll

Trump is coming after a strong showing at the last GOP debate, held by ABC News.
He won a Time online poll¬†asking “Who won the Eighth Republican Presidential Debate?” by a staggering amount, holding 64% of the votes, the closest other candidate being at 8%.

Results of the Time online poll

Mr. Trump, with this overwhelming lead, is sure to do well at the New Hampshire Primary, and holds the reins as the future GOP Presidential candidate and the President of the United States.


Avid Trump supporter.

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